JSC ,,BELOR‘‘ main activity is a wholesale and retail of fertilizers and other similar products trade. It is a promising and innovative company that promotes and carries out the online sell of fertilizers.



JSC „BELOR“ company represents one of the largest international trade organizations “Belor Group” which was founded in 2001 and advanced fertilizer producers.



JSC „BELOR“ works for you and because of you . This is one of the most important condition in successful business development and co-operation. The comapny’s employs has more than 15 years experience in fertilizer bussiness. In order to become a leader in production and services we are committed to ensure the quality of customer services. We supply fertilizer of the highest quality and provide latest information on market innovation, integrated solutions, giving customers the ability rationally and efficiently use supplied products.



Our long-term goals we achieve by:

  • Maintaining and strengthening the existing fertilizer import and export position in the Lithuanian and foreign markets;
  • Maintaining a high level of ergonomic and aesthetic level which complies with existing and potential customers’ requirements;
  • Taking care of  the quality of products and quality services – warehousing, stevedoring, logistics, financial intermediation;
  • Adopting modern sale systems – online sales of fertilizer;
  • Working only with reliable suppliers whose supplied products comply with our company‘s policy goals;
  • Constantly analyzing our customers’ needs and expectations.



JSC „BELOR ” is pleased that the results of their work reaches those who are most in need of help. We are proud to say that we are a socially responsible company.